Adriana Chaverri


Energetic. I can't stay still.  Passion is my way of life.  I like that everything goes out perfect and work with the best. Sometimes I'm a little bit geek because I like to study and investigate new tendencies, technology and learn new things. I love challenges. I have run four marathons (Chicago twice, NY and Berlin) and I hope to run 5 more.  Yoga keeps me in control.  "Yes I can" is always nice to here. I'm a believer in God.  Yes you read well, I love Jesus and learn more everyday about him every day.  My life is based on teamwork.  He is part of the team.

Karen Abarca


"Loyalty is the word that defines myself. I’m unconditional with my loved ones, defender of the justice, and hater of people who take advantage of others, has bad attitude and bad disposition. I stand out by my opinions and need to take control of my environment, what makes me a little bit strict but always with a vision of how to improve myself and be part of the change. I’m very expressive in good or bad situations and make an effort to be compressive and empathic. I love to learn."

Nathalie Pizarro


"First of all , I recognize that everything I am and what I have is by the grace of God, so He has the first place in my life.  I consider myself as a  cheerful, friendly, tidy, responsible, loyal and respectful person. I am sure of what I want and I make decisions based on my convictions. I think that people teach more by what they  do than what they say, so I'm more of acting than of  talking. I believe in good and lasting relationships , so I try to take care of those around me. in terms of work, I am very dedicated at what I do and I like to give more than what they require me.I am a perfectionist person, at times it is a defect; but usually helps me improving myself. I demand a lot from myself because I know my capacities and as well as I know those of my partners and demand of them, I am sure that every day is a new opportunity to be better."

Cristina Badilla 


Addict to the basketball, music, design and to smile. The fact of being able to express through images, and transmit sensations through them, calls me greatly the attention. Besides, I consider me lover of see those minimum details that make a great difference. Always with God ahead.

Marlon Aguilar


 I am a happy , sincere , and honest person , I also like to read all kind of literarature. I love to write, listen all kind of music , and watch TV. Also I like to dance, cook and I do not like troubles.

Francisco Jiménez


"I am methodic, I like to have an organized  plan of what I have to do, nevertheless when they change that scheme to me, although initially I resist to that change ; but then I adapt myself and realize the changes and retake again the new plan making it in the best way. I am perfectionist and very carefully with the details, thanks to my past experiences, I have skills in manual work.
I like the challenge because I am very passionate to learn, and finally I know that I have opportunities to improve myself every day of my life. I fight to correct and improve. I know that  my company thinks that I am  a McGuiver and I am proud of what  they think  about me."